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Create your own She's the First fundraiser.

One powerful mission--sponsoring girls' education so they can be first-generation graduates--has so many ways to support it.

Think about the holidays, birthdays, events, and activities you could make unforgettable by sponsoring a girl.

It's this easy:

  1. Click "Start Your Fundraiser" (button on the right).
  2. Check out our website to learn about our partner schools and pick one to support at any level. Our About page will also give you great information to share.
  3. Personalize your fundraising page and share everywhere.
  4. When your fundraiser is finished, you'll be matched with the specific She's the First Scholar(s) whom you've impacted and can share her story with your donors.

You're going to be awesome.
If you have any questions, send us a note at info@shesthefirst.org.

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $400.00 To cover anonymous cash donation made to STF*{American}!
Dupuis-Bone Western Party $220.00 As the first event where my Burlap Sack Gard campaign was publicized, I was elated by the $220 I collected! Thank you everyone who helped make this happen!
Lina Massicotte $50.00
lawrence chen $55.00
Keishla Arroyo $15.00
Mark Potter $55.00 A wonderful cause. Very nice to see that you share your father's passion for learning and teaching. Here's to burlap being the new prom couture.
Clement Dupuis $100.00 It is great as a father to see that your daughters have a common passion to help others who are not as fortunate as we are without asking for anything in return. I am proud of you. Being smart is great but using your smart in the proper way is even bett
Lauren Young $30.00 Hippie Birthday!
Jamie Primeau $15.00 Love this! Best of luck :)
Beverly Gardner $30.00 Happy Birthday!
Gemma Rogers $15.00 What a great idea!
Amy Heller $15.00 On behalf of wgirls.org who dresses thousands of young women in need each year for Prom, best of luck on being the best dressed girl at yours!
Tammy Tibbetts $15.00 As a former prom editor for Seventeen, how could I resist the chance to be your first donor? I'm blown away, Leonie!
Elina Bromberg $55.00
Anonymous Donor $150.00
Michela Aramini $15.00 Can't wait to meet the STF team! XO
Danielle Sandars $15.00
Brittany Brothers $15.00 I'm there!
Kate Schwarz $15.00 To cover Aaron Mercurio - can't wait to see everyone!!!
Sophia Mire $15.00
Christina Vuleta $30.00
C Comins $30.00 Wish we could be there
Valerie Brett $75.00 Happy Happy Birthday!
Jane Condon $75.00
Ava and JJ Detweiler $40.00 Go Aunt 'Tay
Anna Holloway $30.00 :)
Susan Detweiler $100.00 Happy Birthday Margit!
Anonymous Donor $75.00
Kate Lord $30.00 to cover me and my fiance, Thomas Sander -- so excited to see everyone!
Aishwarya Bhake $15.00 So excited I'm in town for this happy hour. Can't wait to catch up with some amazing STF ladies!
Chanelle Segal $15.00 Very excited for the night and happy to be supporting a wonderful non profit! Best of both worlds.
Sarah Kate Wagner $15.00
Kate Schwarz $15.00
Jerry and Margaret Berg $200.00
Jane Condon $100.00 So great to meet you, Tammy! Such a great cause!
Anonymous Donor $120.00 Porque todos merecemos una educación.
Bake Sale $110.00 Cupcakes for She's the First. Gracias a todos los que participaron...
Lismarie Freytes $10.00 Para completar con lo de los sabrosos cupcakes!! Love u nena!!
I <3 I <3 $165.00
Debra Santaliz $100.00 Por los bizcochos y un poquito mas
Ruh F $15.00 Good Luck
Anonymous Donor $34.00 SQUARE CARD transfer from WNC Women Pillar Presentation
Priscilla Cintron $45.00
Dawn Roberts $20.00
Anonymous Donor $10.00
Angela Graves-Wescott $30.00
Yolimar Molina $20.00
Emily Butts $15.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00 Keep up the great work!
Kimberlu Beltran $5.00
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