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Create your own She's the First fundraiser.

One powerful mission--sponsoring girls' education so they can be first-generation graduates--has so many ways to support it.

Think about the holidays, birthdays, events, and activities you could make unforgettable by sponsoring a girl.

It's this easy:

  1. Click "Start Your Fundraiser" (button on the right).
  2. Check out our website to learn about our partner schools and pick one to support at any level. Our About page will also give you great information to share.
  3. Personalize your fundraising page and share everywhere.
  4. When your fundraiser is finished, you'll be matched with the specific She's the First Scholar(s) whom you've impacted and can share her story with your donors.

You're going to be awesome.
If you have any questions, send us a note at info@shesthefirst.org.

Recent Updates

Cupcake Bake Sale
Our first fundraiser raised $220!

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Join our Team - STF South!
Southern Campuses can unite to raise money for She's the First! As a whole, we can continue to promote the initiative of the organization. Coming together as one will create an even larger impact for young girls in international communities!

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Emily Orell $30.00
Louise Hannallah $30.00 A huge thank you to Jenny for informing me of and including me in such an incredible cause!!
Brittany diamond $15.00
Ryan Raffel $20.00
Elizabeth Cassidy $55.00 Happy Birthday! What a great way to celebrate! Giving to others! Love you so very much! Mom xo
Gabrielle Perreux $55.00
Anonymous Donor $55.00
Joshua Myers $30.00 HAPPY BIRTHDAY... LOVE YOU!
Lily Grant $30.00 Happy Day of the Girl, Badgers! Keep up the awesome work!
Anonymous Donor $15.00
Cate Charney $30.00
Tony Michalak $55.00
Amy Echelman $200.00 You two will change the world, one girl at a time!
Jess & Will Harbour $50.00
E Vogel $15.00 Love this and YOU! Happy Birthday!
Stephen Kohut $30.00
Danielle Collamer $30.00
The Maliks $55.00 “Allah, the Exalted, says, ‘Spend, O son of Adam, and I shall spend on you.’” – Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)
Helen Russell $55.00
The Sabino Family $100.00 Glad to be part of this terrific effort!
Eileen & Stephen Reardon $75.00
Maureen Hommen $50.00
Karen Feder $30.00 What a wonderful program~Good luck!
Ekert Family $50.00 So excited to help!
Erin Walsh $30.00
Mickey Mouse $55.00 Let's help make this whole world a happy place!
The Khans $55.00 Charity stands in the way of calamity." - Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 589
Ed & Judith Elliston $150.00 Congratulations to you both and the very best wishes for your future together, all our love
Lauren Haselton $30.00
Anonymous Donor $15.00
neil and allison fordham $200.00 have a great day and a happy life together
Birgitte og Truls Olsen $75.00 Kjære Marika og Axel. Masse gratulerer på bryllupsdagen, med alt godt for fremtiden. Store klemmer
Helena Neymark och Per Eriksson $60.00 Vi önskar er all lycka tillsammans i framtiden.
Familjen Brinkenberg-Krusell $100.00 Hjärtliga lyckönskningar på er stora dag.
Malin and Michael Ingelog $100.00 Hjärtliga gratulationer och många kramar på er stora dag.
Michele Mendoza $200.00 This was the money you raised in the bake sale.
Unni og Knut Bleymann $585.00 Vi gleder oss og gratulerer på det hjerteligste.
Lill and Sven-Erik Røhn $30.00 En liten hilsen til Marita og Axel på denne STORE dag - gratulerer!
Jacqueline Holth $75.00 Gratulerer så mye.
Martin and Susan Carey $200.00 Congratulations Marika and Axel, xxx
Maria och Wolter Mannerfelt $100.00 Varma lyckönskningar på er bröllopsdag! Kramar
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Rolf og Lise og Vera James $175.00 Fra min kusine Vera og Fetter Rolf med kone Lise
Tiffany Sundelin $30.00 What a wonderful cause! Education and Jesus Christ are the best ways to lift women out of poverty and oppression. When you lift a woman, you lift the generations to come. God bless you for this good work, M.
Anonymous Donor $30.00 What a great cause! It is our obligation to ensure everyone receives a proper education! Good Luck and thank you Zoe!
Colum & Cathi McCormack $100.00 Congratulations !!!!
Jesika Cooney $55.00
Howard and Claire Bogan $100.00
Sherrie van Zuylen $20.00
Danielle Tailleart $55.00 Happy Birthday Lizzy! May you be an inspiration to others!
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