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Create your own She's the First fundraiser.

One powerful mission--sponsoring girls' education so they can be first-generation graduates--has so many ways to support it.

Think about the holidays, birthdays, events, and activities you could make unforgettable by sponsoring a girl.

It's this easy:

  1. Click "Start Your Fundraiser" (button on the right).
  2. Check out our website to learn about our partner schools and pick one to support at any level. Our About page will also give you great information to share.
  3. Personalize your fundraising page and share everywhere.
  4. When your fundraiser is finished, you'll be matched with the specific She's the First Scholar(s) whom you've impacted and can share her story with your donors.

You're going to be awesome.
If you have any questions, send us a note at info@shesthefirst.org.

Recent Updates

Cupcake Bake Sale
Our first fundraiser raised $220!

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Join our Team - STF South!
Southern Campuses can unite to raise money for She's the First! As a whole, we can continue to promote the initiative of the organization. Coming together as one will create an even larger impact for young girls in international communities!

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Colum & Cathi McCormack $100.00 Congratulations !!!!
Jesika Cooney $55.00
Howard and Claire Bogan $100.00
Sherrie van Zuylen $20.00
Danielle Tailleart $55.00 Happy Birthday Lizzy! May you be an inspiration to others!
Olivia, Jonty and Conrad Field $55.00 super idea, two generous boys xxx
Diane Lamperts $30.00 What a wonderful girl you are to support other girls your age that don't have the opportunities you have. Happy Birthday
Ashley O $20.00 Your a wonder careing woman Kara!! Happy birthday! A great cause :)
Anonymous Donor $75.00 Happy birthday Max and Julian! What a wonderful idea to give back so generously on your birthdays :) Xx The Riches
Anjali and Aurora Reddy $30.00 Happy Birthday Wishes to Max and Julian!
Anonymous Donor $100.00 A very happy bday to max and Julian. So glad we can join you for this. We miss you at Redhill! Xx Kairo and karina
Shandra MacMaster $20.00
Erica Blackburn $30.00 A pay it forward gift, to celebrate you and your kind and loving spirit, Kara. Happy Birthday (tomorrow!). xo
shadi kamali $15.00
Christina Brincat $30.00 Great cause boys, looking forward to seeing you Saturday xxx Christina, Sascha & Alexander
Donna Furgal $15.00 I love the fact that you are supporting these young girls, Kara! Happy Almost Birthday!!! :) <3
Anonymous Donor $30.00 Love from James and Lara x
Henry Mann $30.00
Nicole Bourbon $30.00 Dear Lizzy, I hope you had a GREAT 7th Birthday :) Thank you so much for honoring the girls in India. Education is such a great gift to give! Good luck with your fundraising, Nicole
Nick Pereira $30.00
Melissa Russell $30.00
Sam Melendy $55.00
Glantzman Family $55.00
Robert & Sherry Cupp $500.00 We are proud to support Lizzy's birthday wish!
Anonymous Donor $55.00
Janice Scarborough $30.00
Poh Lin Cheng $15.00 You truly are an inspiration Kara and making a huge difference in the world. The world and I appreciate you!
Rajan and Arti Patel $55.00 Happy Birthday. Great to see your efforts in helping others.
Kara Melendy $55.00
Lucy McCracken $15.00 I love that you're doing this. I was born in Guatemala, and was so happy to do this :)
Kathy Hayes $20.00 This is a wonderful cause Kara that I'm happy to make a donation to. Very special.
Jimson tharayil $210.00
Niktosh Khandhar $55.00 Only someone as sweet and selfless as you would ask for such an amazing Gift! We are blessed to have you in our lives! Happy Birthday!! Now let's get buCk!
Carrie Bolger $30.00 Happy Birthday!!! Xoxo
Big Lizzy & Jimmy Norvell Williamson $100.00 Happy Birthday Little Lizzy! We love your goal to get these two girls to school. Going to school and receiving an education is important for everyone to have. Keep up the good work!
Mary Milne $55.00 This is a wonderful cause Kara!
Theresa Procter $30.00
Anonymous Donor $30.00 Happy Birthday! This is the best present you can ask for. Love you.
Chantelle McGrath $15.00 Such an amazing idea Kara <3 I am happy to contribute to any initiative working to empower and educate women!! :)
Howard and Lisa Bogan $30.00
Rama M $55.00
Hazel Fernandez $30.00 God bless your heart Kara Melendy for giving back and helping our unfortunate brothers and sisters. Know that I support you all the way and I pray that my help goes a long way. Happy birthday in advance. So blessed to be your friend. Blessings! <3
John Newman $30.00
Rebecca Arthur $30.00
Connor Boyd $55.00
Lareina Melendy $50.00 Awesome idea!!Kara, what a great way to help girls flourish.
Victoria Bond $30.00
Monika Kapoor $30.00
Margaret Totten $55.00 What a wonderful idea Kara! Proud to support you in this as a colleague and a friend.
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