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Create your own She's the First fundraiser.

One powerful mission--sponsoring girls' education so they can be first-generation graduates--has so many ways to support it.

Think about the holidays, birthdays, events, and activities you could make unforgettable by sponsoring a girl.

It's this easy:

  1. Click "Start Your Fundraiser" (button on the right).
  2. Check out our website to learn about our partner schools and pick one to support at any level. Our About page will also give you great information to share.
  3. Personalize your fundraising page and share everywhere.
  4. When your fundraiser is finished, you'll be matched with the specific She's the First Scholar(s) whom you've impacted and can share her story with your donors.

You're going to be awesome.
If you have any questions, send us a note at info@shesthefirst.org.

Recent Updates

Cupcake Bake Sale
Our first fundraiser raised $220!

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Join our Team - STF South!
Southern Campuses can unite to raise money for She's the First! As a whole, we can continue to promote the initiative of the organization. Coming together as one will create an even larger impact for young girls in international communities!

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Taimi Reyes $20.00 Leonie, you are a role model. Congratulations on your achievements. Keep up the excellent work you're doing. I have no doubts that you'll do great things.
Soccer to Serve $163.07 Soccer to Serve donation made by Jordan Carbono, advisor of the organization.
Nancy Parenti $200.00 I believe in girls education and support the amazing She's The First organization.
Christopher Bureau $55.00
Anonymous Donor $75.00 Good luck, Leonie! You're already doing great things. Education is the best way to create opportunity and equality.
Qendresa Bicaj $20.00 You're a rockstar! Keep up the great work!
Trinity Lutheran $228.00
Mill Creek Elementary Family Health Night $36.77
Liz Weeden & Friends $748.20 Birthday Happy Hour Total!
Brittany, Travis, and Lyla Jane $30.00 Thank you for such a fun night. We love you!!
Kristie Deptula $20.00 You are amazing, happy birthday!
AZA by DANS Donations $3783.00 Checks received for AZA by DANS event
Anonymous Donor $30.00
Sam Erickson $30.00 Happy Birthday Liz! Sorry I have to miss the party again - have a blast!
Edwin Raagas $20.00 girl power!
Amy Swiatek $15.00
Deepti Sharma Kapur $15.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Anonymous Donor $20.00 Will you be trying to have the AZA production again, like in Jan 2016? I understand there might be no way for you to reply but I thought I would ask.
Anonymous Donor $30.00
Chitra Rajkumar $30.00 Proud of Anagha! Sorry we couldn't be there because of another commit.
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Shoba Ramesh $25.00 Best wishes Anagha!
Chandana Kathuria $55.00 My dear Divya - So so proud of you! Keep up the good work! Really wish I could be there to see you dance! Lotsa love Maasi!
Bharathi Ravi $15.00
Nicholas Billings $20.00
Anonymous Donor $100.00
Todd and Debbie Nowlen $100.00
Dennis Lund $50.00
American Express $1440.00 $1500 Event Corporate Sponsorship Sponsored by American Express Benefitting AZA by DANS (less processing fee)
Patrick Whorton $15.00
Hemasree Chaliki $30.00 Keep up the community service !
Vincent Parenti $30.00 This donation is from Sarah Jones too!
Catherine Lehmann $5.00
Manal Hamid $100.00 God bless beautiful Caro and happy birthday!
Abhishek Sharma $100.00 Wish you guys the very best of luck for the initiative! As the saying goes, "an ounce of action is worth a ton of theory". In your case it is tons of action and way better than many who merely read, feel bad and later forget about plight of less fortunate
Janet Sahmkow $55.00 Feliz cumple! Me encanta lo que estas haciendo! Besos
Gustavo Bernal $30.00 Feliz cumpleaños Caro. Gracias por tan noble gesto de tu parte.
Alexandra Chaves $40.00 Feliz cumple Caro excelente idea de cumpleaños - Cariños TQM
Miguel Cordova $30.00 feliz xmas. Besos a todos.
Anonymous Donor $200.00
Andra Bowden $15.00
Ashley Andrews $10.00
Rielly Hammond $10.00 Hope this helps!
Daniel Kwiatkowski $5.00 :)
Jordan martin $5.00 You go girl!
Superhero 18th Birthday $175.00 In celebration of my eighteenth birthday, I asked everyone to donate to She's the First instead of bringing gifts. The resulting donations were enough to cover school lunches and textbooks for a young girl! :)
Laura Benjamin $20.00 You're an inspiration. Good luck with continuing to raise money for this worthy cause. Love you!
Kaitlyn Benjamin $5.00 love you! So proud of you
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