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Create your own She's the First fundraiser.

One powerful mission--sponsoring girls' education so they can be first-generation graduates--has so many ways to support it.

Think about the holidays, birthdays, events, and activities you could make unforgettable by sponsoring a girl.

It's this easy:

  1. Click "Start Your Fundraiser" (button on the right).
  2. Check out our website to learn about our partner schools and pick one to support at any level. Our About page will also give you great information to share.
  3. Personalize your fundraising page and share everywhere.
  4. When your fundraiser is finished, you'll be matched with the specific She's the First Scholar(s) whom you've impacted and can share her story with your donors.

You're going to be awesome.
If you have any questions, send us a note at info@shesthefirst.org.

Recent Updates

Cupcake Bake Sale
Our first fundraiser raised $220!

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Join our Team - STF South!
Southern Campuses can unite to raise money for She's the First! As a whole, we can continue to promote the initiative of the organization. Coming together as one will create an even larger impact for young girls in international communities!

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Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Batya & Jason Koppel $55.00 Mazel Tov on your Bat-Mitzvah. This is an amazing project. You are truly a role model for all of us! Keep on making your parents proud.
Anonymous Donor $180.00 Mazal tov on this wonderful occasion of your joining the Jewish community as an adult, and Yishar kochech on your excellent work for such a worthy cause. May you continue to be a source of great character, credit and pride for your family and our people.
Fumbleclump Bumpkin $200.00
Brian Abrahams $18.00 You GO Lexi!!!!!
Jeffrey Cirillo $30.00
Georgie Carter $30.00
Jennifer Baker $40.00
Rachel Whitcomb $15.00
Jeffrey Kost $75.00 So proud of you!
Louis Clark $5.00
Mindy Pigue-O'Connor $30.00
Marc and Hilla Carrel $50.00 Mazal tov.
pdiddy girlydap $200.00 :) go girls go!!!
Eric Giesser $28.00
Rebecca & Marc Maidenberg $50.00
sharon goldman $100.00 Mazal tov- this seems like an incredibly worthwhile organization. thank you for introducing me to them.
Todd & Vera Richman $30.00
Keath and Elisia Blatt $55.00
Dori & Jay Haberman $75.00 Mazal tov! Hope you always make your parents very proud!
Katie Berdon $30.00 Happy to support your goal - best of luck reaching it!
Elliot Brandt $118.00
jeff whitelaw $72.00 Mazel Tov on your Bat Mitzvah!
Anonymous Donor $30.00
Nora and Richard Berger $36.00 Mazel Tov on your upcoming Bat Mitzvah. Very worthy cause.
Stella Corenthal $30.00 Great cause. Good job Lexi!!!
The Otner Family $75.00 Awesome mitzvah project! Mazel Tov...
The Rosenson Family $100.00 Great work, Lexi! Xo
Kari and Elias Saratovsky $75.00 Mazel Tov Lexi.
Jill and Paul Yonover $18.00 Mazel Tov, Lexi!!
Elliott Mendes $55.00
Heather Borden Herve $54.00 Mazel Tov Lexi!
David Uhler $15.00 A very worthwhile project--keep us posted on the milkshake!
Remy Farkas $30.00
Anonymous Donor $180.00
Rachael Holley $70.00 On behalf of General Code
Nancy Rivin $75.00
Doris Levy $75.00
Barbara Messing $100.00 Matching gift from Trip Advisor
Louise and Robert Cohen $100.00 Tremendous mitzvah!
Debora Tuszynski $200.00 On behalf of myself and General Code.
Lauren Rutkin & Matthew Gewirtz $180.00
Michael Kassen $54.00 Great project, Lexi!
Rob Cohen $100.00 Good luck - from the Cohens
Jo Flattery $25.00 What a mitzvah!
Anonymous Donor $30.00 Love the cause.
Brenda Bengis $100.00 Good luck with your project !!!
Barbara Messing $100.00 You picked a great organization! We are very happy to support your project!
Movie Night Donations $236.00 Thank you to everyone who donated! - Our Small Step
Elizabeth Faranda $50.00
Saskia Lane $30.00
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